Honor Roll:

Ph. D. projects:

  • Roberta Johnson, Assessing the effect of climate change on three major planktonic calcifying organisms in the Mediterranean Sea: pteropods, foraminifera and coccolithophores, UAB, 2023.
  • Laura Simón, Effects of plastic waste generated by tourism on Mediterranean islands, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB, 2022.
  • Marc Diego Feliu, Improving the use of radium isotopes and radon as tracers of submarine groundwater discharge, UAB, 2022.
  • Miguel Mallo Costa, Mediterranean coastal marine biodiversity under climate change: Local knowledge, perceptions and values UAB, 2022.
  • Sarah Paradis, Physical and biogeochemical impacts of deep bottom trawling in sedimentary environments of the Western Mediterranean, UAB, 2019.
  • Chiara Balestrieri, Southern Ocean carbonate dynamics during the last deglaciation, University of Padua, Italy, 2019.
  • Anaid Rosas Navarro, Impact of climate warming and acidification on coccolithophore ecology and calcification, UAB, 2018.
  • Ariane Arias, Carbon sequestration rates in coastal  blue carbon ecosystems: A perspective on climate change mitigation, UAB, 2019.
  • Barbara d’Amario, Mediterranean Sea climate and environmental change: decoupling natural versus anthropogenic impacts on planktonic calcifying organisms UAB, 2017.
  • Sonia Chaabane, Geochemical investigation of the Mediterranean red coral Coralluim rubum for paleo-temperature and pH reconstructions (supervisor Nejib Kallel, co-supervisor: P. Ziveri), Universitat of Sfax, Tunisia, 2017.
  • Muntsa Roca Martí, Carbon export from the upper water column of the polar  oceans by using natural radionuclides, UAB, 2017.
  • Maxi Castrillejo Iridoy,  Sources and distribution of artificial radionuclides in the oceans: from Fukushima to the Mediterranean Sea, UAB, 2016.
  • Giada Trezzi, Assessing the significance of submarine groundwater discharge as a source of trace metals to the Mediterranean Sea, UAB, 2016.
  • Luis Rodrigues, Socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification in the Mediterranean Sea, (supervisor J. van den Bergh, co-supervisor: P. Ziveri), UAB, 2016.
  • Ángela Oviedo Sabogal, Effects of phosphorus limitation and ocean acidification on coccolithophores in the Mediterranean Sea,  UAB, 2015.