Our Research

Earth’s aquatic systems, which sustain life through a variety of processes, are particularly sensitive to environmental and climate change. We study key biogeochemical processes that regulate the marine and freshwater realms focusing on anthropogenic impacts.

  • Observations –Through meticulous data collection, we investigate natural phenomena, informing the development of hypotheses.
  • Experiments – Rigorous and controlled procedures are employed to test hypotheses by manipulating variables and observing outcomes.
  • Analysis – We systematically examine and interpret gathered data to derive conclusions and formulate comprehensive explanations.

Our main mission is to solve important environmental issues

Insights from our researchers

Meet Our Team
  • The ocean’s are considered to be the Earth’s “final frontier” for human’s resources. As scientists we need to acquire and effectively transfer critical knowledge to protect this treasure of our blue planet and act towards a better world.

    Understanding and protecting the ocean is linked to the essence of life. As living creatures, we are part of, not just users, of the ocean.

    Patrizia Ziveri
  • Artificial intelligence should not be seen simply as autonomous systems operating in an objective world, but instead as powerful tools that expand our capabilities and foster knowledge, effectively shaping the world and how we perceive it.
    Henrique Back
    Visiting PhD student

Explore Our Latest Research Findings and Scientific Contributions

  • Integrating diverse understandings of how transitions evolve in intertwined social–environmental systems.

  • First ever record of uneven Silicon distribution in Helicosphaera carteri coccoliths

  • Co-constructing Knowledge with the International Panel for Ocean Sustainability